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Priya is the only IP Attorney I have met that has the magical mix of engineering, law, business, and market sensitivity that I think is essential to make quick progress.  I always look forward to our meetings and she is truly a pleasure to work with.  She becomes part of our business when she is working on our IP.

Jan Allen, President
Impact Bioenergy, Inc.

I have all the information needed to make critical IP decisions!

Priya Cloutier has been my IP lawyer for over five years, and I could not be happier. She is the most thorough, conscientious and efficient lawyer that I’ve known. I own a small business and don’t have a large amount of IP legal needs. But when I do have those needs, I am amazed at both how quickly she responds as well as being able to pick up where we left off without any hitch. She is also a patient educator, ensuring I have all the information needed to make critical IP decisions. I highly recommend Priya!

Travis Ayers, President
Luxel Corporation


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Like most who have invested in Bitcoin, I have been tracking the price four times a day. However, what we should all be tracking are the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) guidelines that address investing into cryptocurrency and the legal...

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