Good employers (and attorneys) take good care of their people. Our fixed fee or retainer model legal services provide high quality, cost-effective legal services to growth-oriented start-ups, entrepreneurs and emerging companies that value the collaborative, hands-on approach that only larger companies can take advantage of by hiring their own “in-house” lawyer. As a business stabilizes, decisions begin to have a more significant impact; it’s comforting to have someone in your corner that you can trust for advice and guidance.


Most entrepreneurs recognize that as a business their most important asset walks out the door every night. Whether you need help drafting offer letters, formalizing independent contractor arrangements, negotiating employee non-disclosures or counseling to effectively address workplace performance issues – covering these basics will protect your most important asset.


Helping enterprises untangle the web of federal, state, and local employment regulations and effectively mitigate risk takes time and attention to detail. We can serve a go-to resource for businesses when it comes to implementing or updating best practices, negotiating employee stock options, and providing practical, compliant solutions.


Managing wrongful termination complaints, workplace investigations, ADA accommodations, and changes to employee handbooks can be tricky. We train managers, supervisors and HR Staff to effectively handle employee relations, and counsel management during any contentious negotiation.


Love and the Patent Attorney

Love is in the air again with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Although you may have heard differently, patent attorneys are very romantic as our thoughts turn to “romance technologies” as Valentine’s Day nears. Alexander Bell rushed to the United...

A Rose by Any Other Name

Building brand loyalty should be a goal of any business. However, before a business can build brand loyalty, it has to have a brand. Before beginning our discussion on branding, let’s spend a moment speaking the same lingo. A brand is usually built around...

Blockchain Technology: What the SEC Wants you to Know

Like most who have invested in Bitcoin, I have been tracking the price four times a day. However, what we should all be tracking are the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) guidelines that address investing into cryptocurrency and the legal...

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