Starting a business is an exciting step – but is should not be attempted alone. Our business model is predicated on building long-term relationships with our clients through all stages of their business. We can help any size businesses with creating and structuring their business entity to achieve their business goals. Whether you are curious about entity structure or looking to raise a round of seed financing we have the model for you.


Everything you need to get your idea to the marketplace. We can help you complete the steps necessary to successfully and efficiently launch your business. We offer formation services either as a complete package or as an “a la carte” selection menu. Creating a proper foundation is vital for your new venture and we will ensure you get the care and attention you need without having to pay the big law firm price.


As your trusted adviser, we are available to you for quick questions, regular check-ins, and important timely decisions. Then, when it’s time for your business to make the next leap forward, we already have an intimate understanding of your operations, personality, risk tolerance, and objectives.

Growing your business takes effort and an attorney who will work with you and not simply bill you for his time. As a business stabilize, decisions begin to have a more significant impact, it’s comforting to have someone in your corner that you can trust for advice and guidance.

“Starting a business – requires beginning with the end in mind”


While it might feel counter-intuitive, it’s important to start with the end in mind. Knowing if you are planning on going public, selling to employees or family members, or being acquired by a bigger company will likely impact your business decisions, even in the infancy of the company.


We work side by side with business owners to provide the strategic advice and guidance necessary to resolve disputes, whether in negotiations at mediation/arbitration or in the courtroom.


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