Some of the most important assets that a company can own are its intellectual property. Whether you are a start-up or emerging company, Cloutier Ortega can help you develop an intellectual property program and strategy. If you are a later stage company Cloutier Ortega can help you assess, strengthen, and monetize the intellectual property that you already own.


Patent law is an extremely complex and specialized area of law. It is important to contact a Registered Patent Attorney early in order to ensure that you do not inadvertently relinquish potential patent rights to your invention in the U.S. or abroad, or infringe on someone else’s patent.

Patent Prosecution
Landscape Analysis
Prior Art Search
Infringement Analysis
Global Portfolio Management
USPTO Ex Parte Patent Proceedings
PTAB Proceedings


The Federal trademark registration process involves filing a trademark application, undergoing examination with a trademark examining attorney, and publication for public inspection. Establishing and maintaining a strong brand or trademark identity is important whether you are emerging company or a long established company.

Domain Name and Website Content Disputes
International Trademarks
Trademark Clearance, Registration, and Enforcement
TTAB Proceedings.

“Writing A Patent Application Is An Art – Not A Science.”


We provide strategic counseling regarding assignments from third-parties and independent contractors, dealing with employee issues, authorship and joint authorship matters, idea submission, work for hire issues, licensing copyrighted works, entertainment properties and software, including counseling clients on open source issues.


In the global economy, it has become easier for others to counterfeit and sell products that are protected by your intellectual property. Cloutier Ortega can help you save the value of your commercialized products by helping you stop infringement.


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