who we are



Our actions will consistently demonstrate our sincere care for our clients and their success.


Our client’s success is our success.


We say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said, the way it needs to be heard, to those that need to hear it.

We are servant leaders. (link)

Our Mission

Every Cloutier Ortega team member exemplifies the spirit of servant leadership. To show the world that extraordinary leadership does not require official authority, but that positive leadership does require that we put the prosperity and peace-of-mind of our clients before our own.

Our Purpose

Cloutier Ortega exists to enable our clients and their teams to create efficiently and cost-effectively; to light a fire under innovation and crush the cost boundary so that invention and prosperity become the expected ways of doing business.

Our Approach

Innovation requires that we constantly challenge the accepted norms; that we possess a willingness to take the initiative towards bold action. We challenge the expectations by offering legal services to a committed team of lawyers that are immersed in the everyday operations of our clients. We do this so that we will understand their pivots and challenges, thus enabling Cloutier Ortega to provide cost effective and on-time legal counsel. Our teams’ perspective is grounded in years of experience with clients who operate at the forefront of technology related industries. Through this industry enabling work, Cloutier Ortega has both learned and shaped the ways in which clients partner with counsel to tune their concepts, refine their positioning, and ultimately create the world changing products. We help our clients stay on top of the fast-changing world of legal needs while staying immersed in their day-to-day operations.

The foundation of our client relationship is trust and this is engendered through open communication, flexibility as business needs change and an authentic concern for our clients’ passion and mission.

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